Copy With Pride!

It has been a while since I last saw any “news” regarding the enormous Chinese industry of Copy-With-Pride, or in local language, Shan1 Zhai4 -industry. Shan1 Zhai4 used to denote the ruthless way some Chinese small entrepreneurs imitated Western or local quality products. During Nokia’s glory times as global mobile phone giant, Shan1 Zhai4 phones branded as NOKLA or NOKEA were also hugely popular in China, and at times even threatened Nokia’s market share in certain regions.

Regardless of one’s opinion about Shan1 Zhai4 methodology and mindset, there are definitely great innovative ideas put into product making! The pictures below are few glorious examples of innovation, which definitely lighten up your day and bring a smile on your face. Enjoy the brilliance!

Peugeot has made its way not only into people’s heart, also into their buttocks
Who wouldn’t want to have some iFragrance?
Take the best of each competitor to achieve new heights in product making!
Michael forgot his pants? 😀
Why not double – triple the gator!
Don’t think about the technical details, consider the customer needs first!