Training Services

Far Reach Consulting Oy offers various training courses and seminars.

  • LCD/OLED display technologies; Capacitive touch technologies; Other touch technologies
    • Production processes
    • Optics and colors
    • Technologies and features
    • Logistics and supply chain
    • Measurement and testing
    • Calibration and quality control
  • Intercultural communication
    • The role of culture in business negotiations
    • Cultural encounters
    • How to communicate effectively across cultural boundaries
  • Integration services for immigrants
    • Finnish language learning
    • Personal integration plan and implementation
    • Training to better become employed
    • Training for becoming enterpreneurs

Our training services utilize the professional skills and experiences of our staff and partners. Far Reach Consulting Ltd. is expert in interactive learning methods and providing tailored learning experiences for our customers.

Contact us and ask more:
consulting @ farreach . fi